As a trade union in the IT sector, syndicom supports the employees at Google in their endeavours to secure greater participation and keeping alive the employee representation. Committed members also exchange views and ideas on the syndicom company committee, helping to shape syndicom’s work in the IT sector.

Do you work at Google and wonder what your rights are regarding:

  • confidentiality obligation and non-competition clause;
  • work from home abroad;
  • disputes with superiors, gaslighting;
  • your right to your intellectual property.

syndicom has the answers and will assist you with professional advice.

syndicom also supports the efforts of the employees to organize themselves and tackle collective issues together, such as:

  • retaliation, psychological safety;
  • sexual harassment and repression following walkouts;
  • no support for ethically reprehensible projects with human rights violations (Maven project, Dragonfly project);
  • balance of power between the employees and the employer;
  • institutionalization of sustainable structures, e.g. via an employee representation;
  • pay transparency, fair compensation.

The walkouts and the fight for an employee representation at Google Switzerland have shown that solutions can be found collectively. When employees get organized they can form a strong counterbalance to company management. We would like to support you! Get in touch with your regional secretary at syndicom: Tamara Balzer.


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