Working in Switzerland

Anyone who wants to work in Switzerland but is not a Swiss citizen should contact the relevant authorities to find out about the conditions.

Basically, Switzerland makes following distinctions regarding the admission of foreign workers:

  • Working people from EU/EFTA countries
  • Persons from third countries

Different admission requirements apply to the two categories.

All necessary information

Good to know: Everything about enforcement costs and the collective employment agreement contribution 

  • Depending on the collective employment agreement, a monthly contribution towards the enforcement costs / CEA contribution (formerly solidarity contribution) will be deducted from your salary. 
  • This valuable contribution helps us as a union to cover part of the costs of agreement negotiations and agreement enforcement. 
  • The amount of this contribution is determined by the collective employment agreement and is declared on your pay slip. 
  • syndicom reimburses members for the contribution towards enforcement costs for the previous year, provided that the membership fees have been paid. Payment is made in the first six months of the following year. 

Important note if you are employed by Swiss Post, Swisscom, Skyguide or T-Systems:
If your membership fee is deducted from your salary, the enforcement contribution will be waived. 

For detailed information, please contact our member services:
info[at] / 058 817 18 18

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