Join the Feminist Strike 2023

We demand more pay, time, and respect! Equality now!
Women are still disadvantaged in many areas of life, especially in the world of work. Since equality is a key goal of syndicom, we will participate in the Feminist Strike again this year on 14 June 2023. In the run-up to the Feminist Strike, we will carry out awareness-raising campaigns in selected workplaces and make our demands known.

You want to get involved in the Feminist Strike 2023? 

You want to participate in the Feminist Strike 2023 and get involved with us in your sector? We want to stand strong collectively. So get in touch with us! We are looking forward to meeting you! 

Meet syndicom here on 14 June


  • From 12 noon: syndicom stand on Bundesplatz with Ingrid Kaufmann, Co-President of syndicom's Women's Commission and Patrizia Mordini, Head of Equal Opportunities and member of syndicom's Executive Committee.
  • 5.00 p.m.: Gathering for joint participation in the demonstration; meeting point behind the syndicom stand
  • 5.30 p.m.: Start of the demonstration at Schützenmatte 
  • Until 10 p.m.: actions, speeches and music on the Bundesplatz


  • From 1.30 p.m.: Speeches and music at Zentralplatz/Place Centrale 
  • From 1.45 p.m.: Speech by Stefanie Fürst, Regional Secretary of syndicom and Co-President of the Biel-Lyss-Seeland Trade Union Federation; Speech by Teresa Dos Santos Lima-Matteo, Central Secretary of syndicom and Co-President of the Berne Cantonal Trade Union Federation; Speech by Marina Parazzini, syndicom member and Swisscom employee 


  • From 10 a.m.: syndicom stand at the Place du 14 juin (St-Laurent) 
  • From 11.30 a.m.: Free meal at the Parc de la Grenouille 
  • From 5 p.m.: Gathering for joint participation in the demonstration; meeting point in front of FiveGuys/Nespresso (Grand Pont) 
  • From 17.30: Parade


  • From 1.30 p.m.: Stand with screen-printing action by syndicom graphic designers and meeting of media women at the Kanzleiareal. Print your T-shirts and cloth bags in a militant way! 
  • From 2 p.m.: syndicom stand at Helvetiaplatz 
  • From 5 p.m.: Gathering for joint participation in the demo; meeting point at the syndicom stand on Helvetiaplatz.

Why is the Feminist Strike important? 

On 14 June 2019, half a million women loudly demanded more pay, time and respect. Three years and a pandemic later, their situation has hardly improved - on the contrary: their retirement age has been raised and the gender gap is widening again in many areas. 

Wage inequality and pension gaps 

Especially in the world of work, the disadvantage is clear as day: Women earn about one fifth less than men. One result is massive pension gaps, also called the "gender pension gap". Also, women do more unpaid and underpaid work and experience discrimination in terms of pay.  

Lack of daycare places and unpaid work 

In the absence of affordable, good childcare services and family-friendly working conditions, women are foregoing gainful employment, income, career advancement and secure pensions - and are taking on the bulk of unpaid family and care work. Three quarters of the underemployed are women, and mothers are particularly affected. Women are also overrepresented among those on low incomes and in precarious employment situations. Although the work of many women was recognised as systemically relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic, many continue to wait for fair wages and better working conditions. 

Lack of respect: sexism and sexual harassment, also in the workplace 

There is often a lack of respect towards women - especially in the world of work: They are often confronted with disrespectful and harassing behaviour. 


Our demands at the Feminist Strike 2023 

More pay! 

  • Equal pay must be ensured in all companies. So that all women receive the wages they are entitled to.  

  • We demand wage analyses with control and sanction possibilities. 

  • We demand collective employment agreements in sectors with a high proportion of women. 

  • An immediately effective pension increase instead of cuts. 

More time! 

  • There needs to be a right to temporary reductions in working hours with the right to return, as well as longer maternity and paternity leave. 

  • Companies should increasingly support childcare services financially or offer them themselves. We demand plannable and family-compatible working hours - so that the better reconciliation of unpaid and paid work finally becomes a reality. 

More respect! 

  • Employers have a duty to never tolerate sexualised violence in the workplace and to take clear preventive measures as well as sanctioning offending behaviour. 

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