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Social partnership between employers and trade unions is highly valued in Switzerland. The functioning social partnership is a characteristic of the Swiss success model. In this cooperation between employees and employers, the working conditions of an industry or company are agreed bilaterally and sometimes on a regionally differentiated basis. This takes place largely without the intervention of the authorities. This makes flexible, sector-specific and, if necessary, region-specific solutions possible. These agreements are based on economic realities.

The compromises reached are written down in a collective labor agreement (CLA). The stipulated provisions become part of the individual employment contract when they come into force and regulate, for example, wages, vacations but also the rules for the participation or an employee representation. A CLA is usually agreed with a specific term. During the term, there is a mutual obligation to maintain labor peace.

As a member of a union you can have a say - at the workplace but also within the union. Together we stand up for your concerns. And as a member, you also benefit from a whole package of benefits that will help you both professionally and personally. Such as further training or comprehensive legal protection.

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