Salaries at Sunrise are increasing

Successful salary negotiations

In the last few weeks, syndicom's negotiating delegation and Sunrise management have been working hard on negotiating a salary increase. The total salary bill will increase by 2% from 1 April 2024. 

Depending on the level:

            •          For levels 2 and 3: General salary increase of 1.7% (employees above the salary band receive a one-off payment of 1.7% of the target salary)

            •          Level 4: Budget for individual salary increases of 1.7% (a one-off payment can be made for salaries above the salary band)

            •          Level 5: Budget for individual salary increases of 1.7%

            •          Levels 6 and 7: Budget for individual salary increases of 1%

There is also scope for extraordinary salary increases.

How does this deal come about?

Based on your collective bargaining agreement (CEC), salary negotiations take place annually between syndicom and Sunrise, in which your company’s management board is also involved. syndicom is very pleased with this positive salary agreement, which was only possible thanks to our broad member base. The more members we have, the stronger we are at the negotiating table.


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