Data Protection

For syndicom as a union active in the media and communication sectors the protection of your data is one of our major concerns. Here you find the most important information for you as a member of syndicom regarding the revised Federal Act on Data Protection, that became effective on the 1st of september 2023.

Your data are sensitive

Trade union data are among the most sensitive, as they are about political and ideological issues and activities. This means that stricter rules apply to their processing, particularly with regard to disclosure to third parties. 

By joining syndicom, you expressly consent to the processing of your data by syndicom.


What rights do you have ?

Acces right

You can request information about your data from syndicom at any time. This includes: 

  • the personal data being processed as such
  • the purpose of the processing
  • the period of storage or the criteria used to determine such a period
  • the origin of the data
  • the recipients of the data or the categories of recipients. 
Right to data portability 

You can request from syndicom, free of charge the disclosure of your personal data in a standard electronic format. 

Right to rectification of inaccurate data 

You can request that incorrect data be corrected. 

Personality rights

If syndicom does not comply with the legal provisions while processing your data, processes them against your your explicite declaration of intent and passes data on to unauthorized third parties, you have the right to prohibit the processing of the data, to prohibit their disclosure to third parties or to request the deletion or destruction of the your personal data. 

Who you can contact regarding data protection matters ?
  • Under the new data protection law, the executive board of syndicom is the controller.
  • For questions and more information, send an email to privacy[at] or call our head office on 058 817 18 18. 

To be able to guarantee the correctness of your data, we ask that you notify us immediately of any changes of your personal data. You can do this directly by going to or sending an email to info[at]

What data are processed by syndicom and for what purpose?

You provided the most important data when you joined syndicom. In addition to your personal data such as name, address, contact details (telephone number and email address), syndicom also needs the following information from you: 

  • Salary range – to determine the membership fee; 
  • Employer, place of work, department – to determine the competence of the regional secretaries or the sector, CEA and section at syndicom; 
  • Level of employment – to determine the contribution to the execution costs and its restitution; 
  • Profession – independent, in particular to determine the competence in the media sector; 
  • In training – to determine the membership fee and benefits according to the regulations; 
  • Nationality – for the migration interest group (IG), the enforcement of equal pay and treatment as well as for statistical purposes; 
  • Personnel number – for the automatic deduction of the membership fee from your wages (only Post and Swisscom); 
  • Date of birth – for a clear identification, e.g. persons with the same name, to conclude a Coop legal protection insurance (legal age); 
  • Sex – for the salutation and the implementation of equal pay and treatment as well as for statistical purposes, e.g. composition of the membership; 
  • Account number – for the reimbursement of the contribution to the execution costs and costs in accordance with our legal protection regulations.

This list is not exhaustive because syndicom has to record additional data for the administration of the membres, such as the date of your entry and withdrawal; services and benefits used; trade union trainings and professional development you attended to; the number of legal cases with any blocking periods; outstanding contributions and admonitions; your activities for syndicom; the reception of mailings (e.g. magazine, newsletter). These data are purely administrative, but they are also used for internal statistics and the analysis of political actions.

Which principles does syndicom have to apply when processing data ?

syndicom may only process your data for the purposes necessary for trade union activities. Processing must be carried out in good faith and be proportionate, meaning that no data are processed that are not necessary for syndicom's activities. The data are only stored for as long as necessary for the specific purpose. We must ensure that the personal data are correct and that they can be corrected, deleted or destroyed at any time.

Will your data be disclosed to third parties?

syndicom ensures that your data are used only for trade union activities and are basically not passed on to third parties. syndicom cooperates with third parties to send our magazine, for surveys and for the range of services offered on our website. These parties only receive the data necessary for the corresponding purpose. syndicom ensures that the commissioned third parties also abide by the required data protection regulations.

When you visit the syndicom website, data are collected by third parties for statistical purposes. You will find the relevant information in our Data Protection Statement.

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