Successful pay negotiations: Sunrise increases the wages of employees covered by the collective labour agreement (CLA) by around 2.8%

As of 1 April 2023, the pay of all Sunrise employees covered by the CLA will be generally increased by 2.6%. All employees covered by the CLA that fall within the limited pay range are entitled to this increase. If their pay is above this limited pay range, a one-off payment of the same amount will be made. In addition, 0.2% is available for individual pay increases during the year.

These raises are intended to soften the impact of the increased cost of living. This result of negotiations was made possible by the progressive collective labour agreement (CLA) signed between syndicom and Sunrise, which provides for annual pay negotiations between the social partners.

For those employees that do not fall within the scope of the CLA - especially those in management positions - 2% is set aside for individual wage increases.

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